The Rwandan Tragedy: Data Analysis with 7 Lines of Simple Python Code

There is a lot of discussion these days about Big Data, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Advanced Statistics. But with this case study I hope to illustrate that you don’t have to be a “Rocket Data Scientist” to take advantage the tools now beginning to be available for data analysis.

The available of “open datasets”, when combined with tools such as Python/Pandas can empower historians, policy makers, and ordinary citizens and students to form powerful insights into a wide range of phenomenon.

The Rwandan Tragedy Case Study shows via data that during a 50-year period (corresponding to the World Bank dataset on life-expectancy and mortality) Rwanda was the epicenter of one of the worst catastrophes and episodes of barbarity in human history.

The IPython notebook and dataset for this tutorial is available at my GitHub site in the pda (Python for Data Analysis) repository:


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  1. Chux says:

    Brilliant tutorial and research!
    You said you would make the code available on your site. I have combed the site for it but can’t find it.
    Please help with that. Thanks!

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