Smart Education Meets Moneyball (Part I)

Wired Magazine. Innovation Insights John Baker, Desire2Learn, 04.09.13 Smart colleges and universities are beginning to use predictive analytics to transform massive amounts of data into active intelligence, using it to help their customers – i.e., students – learn their course material more effectively and boost their grades. Analytics in education is empowering the learner in every step of their...

The Scientific Approach to Teaching

Harvard’s University’s Eric Mazur has been applying the “flipped classroom” concept for two decades. His ALT-C 2012 Keynote is must viewing for educators and anyone interested in analytics in education. I also recommend Garr Reynold’s blog for a review of Mazur’s work.

What is Analytics?

Alfred Essa
Analytics can be defined in various ways. In this presentation I suggest that there are three levels of Analytics capability or maturity: Analytics I is data about the Past and, at best, data about the Present. Analytics I is the realm of traditional reporting and traditional Business Intelligence Analytics II is data about the Future. Analytics II is the realm of Predictive Analytics and Forecasting. Analytics...

Penetrating the Fog: Analytics in Learning and Education – [George Siemens, Phil Long]

Phil Long
EDUCAUSE REVIEW, ER Volume 46, 2011, Volume 46, Number 5, September/October 2011 Attempts to imagine the future of education often emphasize new technologies—ubiquitous computing devices, flexible classroom designs, and innovative visual displays. But the most dramatic factor shaping the future of higher education is something that we can’t actually touch or see: big data and analytics. Basing...