Presentations and Panels (upcoming)

Keynote Panel: A Brave New World – Exploiting Cognitive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Discussing real world business use cases for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. IBM CDO Summit. October 24-25, 2017. Boston, MA.

Discussion Co-Lead: Getting Smart on Product Development. Creating data-driven products that will have lasting impact. Embedding cognitive functionality into applications and products. How can we best capitalize on IoT when devising new products? IBM CDO Summit. October 24-25, 2017. Boston, MA.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The “Art of the Possible.” Machine learning and artificial intelligence are evolving at an amazing pace. Learn how thought-leading vendors and forward-thinking institutions are using big data and AI to bridge the gap between what we can measure, and what we can do with it. Educause Annual Conference 2017. November 1, 2017. Philadelphia, PA.

Panel Moderator: How Is Learning Science Research Advancing Innovation in Teaching and Learning?  Hear from a panel of prominent learning science researchers about the cutting-edge educational research being conducted and applied at higher ed institutions in partnership with education industry leaders to create next-generation learning environments. Educause Annual Conference 2017. November 1, 2017. Philadelphia, PA.

Incorporating Noncognitive Strategies to Improve Learning Success. An increasing body of research in learning science indicates the importance of noncognitive factors (e.g., confidence, motivation, grit, procrastination, and mindset) for learner success. In this session, we will review the research literature and give practical guidance on designing learning environments that support both cognitive and noncognitive factors. ELI Annual Meeting 2018. New Orleans, LA.

Presentations and Panels  (recent)

Keynote Panel: Leveraging Machine Learning and advanced analytics to deliver business value.  Best practices in choosing, designing, and implementing from the portfolio of analytical methods including real-time, geospatial, machine learning, statistical, and “big data”. Chief Analytics Officer, Fall. October 2-5, 2017. Boston, MA.

“Demystifying Deep Learning: A Business and Technical Primer”. Business Analytics Innovation Summit. May 15-16. 2017. Chicago, Illinois.